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Article: 1742
From: Jim Hermann - UUN Hostmaster
Date: 2007-09-23 23:31:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Confusing Mail Log Entries - milter-link - success! (of sorts)

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> -----Original Message-----
> > When the message originates on the server, the same thing occurs and
> > milter-null DOES NOT mark the banned URI:
> > Milter-link does not appear to have checked the banned URI 
> against the
> > access.db.  There are no records for a milter-link-body check of the
> > access.db.

I had to use milter-link-From:xxx REJECT to get milter-link to check the
message body for forwarded and originated email messages.  I could not get
milter-link-Connect:xxx REJECT to work.  I could not get
milter-link-Auth:xxx REJECT to work.

I used milter-link-From:tld REJECT to cover all possible values on my

milter-link-Connect:           REJECT # this does not work
# milter-link-From:hostmaster@uuism.net REJECT # this works for sqmail
# milter-link-From:uuism.net            REJECT # this works for PHP script
milter-link-From:com                    REJECT
milter-link-From:info                   REJECT
milter-link-From:net                    REJECT
milter-link-From:org                    REJECT
milter-link-From:ca                     REJECT
milter-link-From:us                     REJECT
milter-link-Auth:hostmaster@uuism.net   REJECT # this does not work

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