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Article: 1741
From: Christian 'CBE' Benner
Date: 2007-09-23 17:27:01 -0400
Subject: milter-ns problems

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It's me again... I can see you ... *g*

Ok, back to the real life.=20

Another problem comes up with milter-ns (latest version :-)

I can compile without any errors and install it but I can't start it.
I never received an eror but a "failed" after   service milter-ns start
(or restart ...)

I've set verbose=3Dall but I can't see any error either in maillog nor =

milter-ns[6543]: socketInit() rc=3D0

Is the only message I receive (and IMHO rc=3D0 means no error...)

Some on linux-  (on 2 to 5 the same). Also tried on 2.6.20 and

Note really by my self but I've a testing installation with about 10
different machines 32 and 64 bit which I'm feeding with such
installation parts ...

This problem was found on each machine... (everything else on milters
except milter-link which isn't rejecting yet is working fine)

Have a nice day...

Best regads

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