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Article: 1722
From: Christian 'CBE' Benner
Date: 2007-09-23 07:23:37 -0400
Subject: milter-link problems

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Another problem with milter-link .

1.) It seems that milter-link  does not handles UTF Domains (like =
www.l=F6s=E4.cn)  ???

2.) For testing reasons I habe on a test machine the following simple =

Connect:localhost.localdomain           RELAY
Connect:localhost                       RELAY
Connect:                       RELAY
milter-link-Body:aol.com                REJECT
milter-link-Connect:.pools.arcor-ip.net REJECT
milter-link-Connect:       REJECT

If I send a message from outside to this host with http://aol.com in the =
body  milter-link is recognizing the link and marks it to REJECT (which =
is OK as given by access.db). But the message isn't rejected but =
delivered ???

I'm sure that I've been misunderstanding somewhat there ?!


linux P4 2GHz / 32 bit  =20
sendmail 8.14.1
libsnert 1.65
milter-link 0.6


Best regards

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