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Article: 1709
From: Ben Spencer
Date: 2007-09-20 07:17:11 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-spamc timing out after 10 seconds? - new

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Thank you for the reply.
> I can only assume there is some procedural error in the configuration
> process such that the timeouts defined with the INPUT_MAIL_FILTER macro
> within your .mc are not being applied. 10 seconds is the timeout for S:
> (send) and R: (read). You previously stated that your settings are
> F=T;T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m, but it would appear that they are simply
> not being applied for some reason.
Milter-gris: F=T;T=C:1m;S:30s;R:6m;E:1m
Milter-date: F=T;T=C:1m;S:30s;R:90s;E:1m
Milter-link: F=T;T=C:30s;R:1m;E:5m
Milter-spiff: F=T;T=C:1m;S:30s;R:6m;E:1m
Milter-p0f: F=T;T=C:1m;E:1m
Milter-spamc: F=T;T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m
Clamav-milter: T=S:4m;R:4m;C:30s;E:10m
Spamass-milter: T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m

1) I experience the 10 second timeout with milter-spiff, milter-spamc
2) I use clamav-milter instead of milter-clamc because I previously
experienced this 10 second timeout with it also; I do not see these timeouts
with clamav-milter
3) spamass-milter isn't being used (thankfully) any more, but, I didn't
experience these timeouts with it.
4) Before the above, milter link was set at "F=T;T=C:10s;R:1m;E:5m". Seeing
that 10s in there made me wonder if something was getting confused. However,
there was no change in behavior after changing it to 30s.

> a) Are you editing the correct .mc file?
The changes made to the .mc are reflected in the .cf. Is there something I
should specifically look for which would account for incorrect editing of
the .mc?

> b) Are you rebuilding the matching .cf from the .mc? Check the .cf file
> and look for a line similar to this that contains your settings:
Make sendmail.cf; sendmail stop;wait a little;killall sendmail;sendmail

> c) Is sendmail being -HUP  to load the new configuration or are you
> using a script to restart it? If a script, is it using the -f option and
> different .cf file? Any errors reported in the log or console?
For these tests I have been completely stopping sendmail -- at least then I
know the log messages are from new connections and not messages from
connections which existed during the HUP.

> d) Are you sure sendmail is using the configuration you think it should
> be using, either by default or via -f option. Using
> 	sendmail -Am -d0.10
     Conf file: /etc/mail/sendmail.cf (default for MTA)
     Conf file: /etc/mail/sendmail.cf (selected)
Yep. That is the one I thought it was using.

> e) Are you use both MTA (sendmail.mc) and MSA (submit.mc) configurations?

This is on a mail gateway machine which simply relays to the internal server
(assuming things get that far). Because of that, it is only really using the
sendmail.mc? sendmail -Am -d0.10 is reporting " Conf file:
/etc/mail/submit.cf (default for MSP)", but it isn't "selected".

Results are received from SpamAssassin by milter-spamc (per logs) even after
Sendmail has sent the connection (from its point of view) into an error
state. Not sure what that means for sure though.

I am not ruling out some OS tcp connection state issue/timeout either -- I
just can't find anything which sets such things or know why these
connections would be any different then say spamass-milter (which forks


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