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Article: 1699
From: Ulf Bahrenfuss
Date: 2007-09-14 03:33:51 -0400
Subject: milter-sender callback problems

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It seems, that my mail went AWOL, so I am posting it again.=20

Now I have a running milter-sender that does not call back to myself and
I found two other problems.

First: I do see errors in the log and rejections stating that I could
not reach/verify another system during callback. Manual testing found
the server reachable and accepting/denying (if not a real address)

The log shows from milter sender:=20
opening SMTP connection to 195.4.xx.xx
195.4.xx.xx connection failed code=3D421 rc=3D2

The main quirk of their system is, that they only have one MX (milter
sender logs this), but they have a DNS round robin with a long list.=20

Tcpdump shows not callback packets in these cases whatsoever.
(This is only an example of more of these errors. There are more of
these against other servers, but this provider has enough traffic that I
can test and sniff without long waits ;-) A note: They use TLS as server
and client and we also support TLS two way, but we do not have
verification with them.

And another problem: I do have greylisting deactivated (Greylisting Time
of 0, I do that in a separate milter) and I want to disable the check
MxAcceptsAll (It does not serve any function). Is that possible or do I
have to change the code?

And something to note for others: If you do have TLS enabled and you
have sites that enforce TLS with you, you should whitelist these sites
for milter-sender. Otherwise the callback will always fail, because the
milter does not use TLS.... Been there, seen it, got not t-shirt.



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