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Article: 1698
From: Christopher Lindsey
Date: 2007-09-13 16:18:29 -0400
Subject: Re: AW: Sharing milter-ahead greylist?

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> > Is there any mechanism in place to share the milter-ahead greylist across
> > multiple servers or use other storage mechanisms?
> milter-ahead does not do grey listing. I think you are confusing 
> milter-gris.

Argh.  I keep calling it milter-ahead.  :)  I meant milter-sender.

> I have been meaning to add my multicast/unicast cache support, which is 
> used in BarricadeMX, to those milters that use a cache like milter-gris, 
> milter-sender, milter-ahead, milter-limit, milter-siq, milter-error, ...

That would be excellent!  I was looking that the replicated has table as
part of the spread toolkit for a possible solution, but it sounds like yours
is very similar as well.

> > Also, is there any way to have milter-ahead just add a header or somethin=
> > g
> > instead of blocking a message outright?  Being able to score based on=20
> > headers in spamassassin is preferable because of user customization.
> I don't follow. milter-ahead is used on a mail gateway and is suppose to 
> reject a message if the recipient does not exist on the mail store 
> machine, so I see no point to adding a header to a message that is going 
> to be rejected by the mail store if it were allowed to pass through the 
> gateway.

I meant milter-sender again.  We'd like to have it add a header that could
be used for scoring in spamassassin instead.


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