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Article: 1696
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-09-13 16:06:03 -0400
Subject: Re: logging from which milter

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Michael Grant wrote:
> I'm using several of the snert milters on my system.  In my log files,
> there is no indication which of these milters is rejecting the mail.
> Is that normal?  I have verbose=all turned on.

Are you seeing any log output at all?

> It would be very helpful to have a log line include which milter was
> logging the message, even if it means a near duplicate log line, one
> from sendmail and one directly from the milter.

Each milter will log different things. For example milter-date and 
milter-spamc will log a summary line, like this one:

Sep 13 21:21:10 mx milter-spamc[6547]: 65183 l8DJL0g5017914: spam=NO 
score=0.00 required=5.00 client_addr= 
client_name=ns1.chservers.com subject='Re: ETA for BarricadeMX' 
mail=<dschneider@fsl.com> rcpts=<achowe@snert.com>

Typically the reply given to the SMTP client by a milter should be 
sufficient to identify the milter by the context of the message. You can 
also see the reply the milter passes to sendmail with verbose=trace for 
those milters using smfReply(); some use a newer version mfReply() that 
does not log. But trace is intended for debugging and generates lots of 

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