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Article: 1660
From: Michael Grant
Date: 2007-08-27 13:59:51 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-spamc changing to recipient's userid

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> > Just an update here, it does seem to be changing to user spamass, but
> > it's not reading ~spamass/.spamassassin/user_prefs which is odd.
> Then that is a spamd/SpamAssassin problem, not a milter problem. The
> milter through the spamd protocol will specify a User: header to spamd.
> What spamd does with it afterwards is any bodies guess.
I see this in the log:

Aug 27 12:28:22 grant spamd[16522]: spamd: connection from localhost[] at port 2769
Aug 27 12:28:22 grant spamd[16522]: spamd: setuid to spamass succeeded
Aug 27 12:28:22 grant spamd[16522]: spamd: checking message <
20070827162803.5DF3F20D8E@example.com> for spamass:28

so yes, spamd is changing to the userid I configured in spamd-user
(spamass), but this is not the correct user.  milter-spamc should have
passed in my userid (mgrant) into spamd.

> > But in any case, it's certainly not changing to the proper user id.
> First you say it is above, then it isn't. Which is it? What is not
> changing?
> The milter process does not change ownership, nor does it read
> SpamAssassin configuration files ever. The milter, if it can determine a
> value, will send a User: header to spamd. The spamd process will not
> change process id though any SpamAssassin children forked to filter a
> message probably will change ownership.

Yes, I understand this and 100% agree!  But in any case, milter-spamc must
communicate the correct userid for spamd to use.

Now, I have another piece of evidence which may or may not be related.  I am
also using milter-spiff.  I am seeing a lot of messages like this in my log:

Milter add: header: Received-SPF: Pass; receiver=; client-ip=;

Notice the "receiver="?  Could this be related to the milter-spamc problem?
Could it be that none of the snert milters I installed are getting the
proper receiver?

Michael Grant

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