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Article: 1656
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-08-27 08:37:06 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-spamc changing to recipient's userid

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Michael Grant wrote:
> I set as spamd-user=spamass, and it's not even setting the userid to
> spamass, it seems to be using user 'nobody'.
> Does milter-spamc run the recipient through alias and virtusertable
> expansion to try and find the true user?

No. Alias and virtusertable are NOT consulted. Everything comes via 
sendmail macros. The value of the {rcpt_addr} macro is used, which has 
typically undergone mailertable expansion as I recall. Normally the 
default list of macros include {rcpt_addr}, but if they have been 
changed for any reason I suggest reading this article on the matter of 
sendmail macros passed to milters:


Quickly reading the source code, the choice of SpamAssassin user is made 

a) Use the local part of an email address if it corresponds to an 
account on the machine. For a message aimed at multiple recipient 
addresses, the local part (ie. stuff before the @-sign) of the LAST 
recipient specified is used. See also is-gateway option which also 
influences selection.

b) If spam-user is specified and there are multiple recipient, then the 
spam-user value is used instead.

c) If spam-user specified and +no-user-config, then spam-user will 
ALWAYS be used overriding all of the above.

To see what is being sent to SpamAssassin set


and restart the milter.

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