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Article: 1652
From: Michael Grant
Date: 2007-08-26 12:42:53 -0400
Subject: milter-spamc changing to recipient's userid

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On 8/25/07, Anthony Howe <achowe@snert.com> wrote:
> Michael Grant wrote:
> > First, when milter-spamc sends the message to spamd, spamd isn't
> > changing userids to the recipient, so the recipients user_prefs aren't
> > taken into account.
> See the documentation for the spamd-user= option.

I've done that and it's still not changing to the userid of the recipient.

I set as spamd-user=spamass, and it's not even setting the userid to
spamass, it seems to be using user 'nobody'.

Does milter-spamc run the recipient through alias and virtusertable
expansion to try and find the true user?

Here is my milter-spamc.cf file:


Michael Grant

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