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Article: 1616
From: Andy Druda
Date: 2007-07-01 11:00:10 -0400
Subject: milter-sender call ahead caching non existing address

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I noticed that a small number of addresses that existed quite some time 
in the past are being accepted by the call-ahead function of 
milter-sender.  These addresses have not been valid for months not 
weeks.  What determines the cache time for these?  Is it the same time 
as the CacheAcceptTTL?  This is set to one week.  IS there any other 
sequence that could cause this or is there a problem with the database?

I can post my milter-sender settings via -help minus comments if it will 
help.  There are other milters running also.  I will post more info if 
needed; I just don't want to make a long post and be told it is a simple 

Here is log entry of me sending my (very) old address an email.

Jul  1 04:31:05 smtp milter-sender[29063]: 54132 l618Uwj7011529: 
recipient <adruda@wagner.edu> (3) cached, skipping call-ahead



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