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Article: 1614
From: Colin Barschel
Date: 2007-06-06 08:29:55 -0400
Subject: milter-null: good bounces are also rejected

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I have installed the milter-null on a mail server and can't find out why
valid bounced messages are also tagged as invalid.

The setup uses a single server to send and receive messages for
different host names using the virtusertable. Users can send emails with
SMTP authentication or via the web interface which is running locally.

Due to the authentication the /etc/mail/access file is empty (only local
relay is thus allowed), so this might be the problem here. Which entries 
would make sense for this setup? Also considering that only sendmail 
should be responsible to reject incoming mails. I thought it would be 
possible to treat all messages without a white or black list, simply by 
tagging all messages.

All outgoing messages are tagged with an X-Null-Tag. But all bounces,
including valid one when incoming are tagged with:
"X-milter-null-Report: DSN or MDN for message that did not originate here"

For example:
DNS bounces where the remote server immediately rejects the message are
not tagged with a "X-milter-null-Report". I suppose this is normal as
the message doesn't leave the server. For example valid bounces with
yahoo.com or gmail.com do not get a "X-milter-null-Report" as their
server immediately reject the message. However the mailservers of my
employer (a very large company) first accept the message and then
generate a bounce quickly after. This reply is then not recognized by
milter-null, even though the X-Null-Tag is present.

For now I am only using the option "secret=a_single_word". For testing I
keep policy=none.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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