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Article: 1598
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2007-05-30 10:56:05 -0400
Subject: Re: BarricadeMX released...

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I am resending my earlier message in the hope that it is rendered
properly this time.

You said:

>BarricadeMX, a new anti-spam product, was announced today by FSL,
>Field, and myself. In short, it is an SMTP filtering proxy combining
>many anti-spam techniques along with some new ideas. The full blurb and
>link to the online documentation can be found here:

If I understand the blurb correctly then if you proxy SMTP traffic via
BarricadeMX then most of your existing milters will no longer be needed
nor work since the SMTP channel they see will be opened from the proxy,
not the sending site?

On the other hand many of the filter functions carried out by existing
Snertsoft milter products will be performed by the new proxy.=20

It looks very interesting. I expect that we will obtain and evaluate it
for our site.

A key requirement for us is the ability to maintain the resilience
afforded by having multiple, equal preference value, MX hosts specified
for our domains. These MX hosts are grouped into clusters that are
geographically separated. Any one cluster can carry the full mail load
for our domains. We thus need multiple proxies if they are to front-end
the existing (MX) hosts.


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