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Article: 1579
From: Andy Druda
Date: 2007-05-09 06:31:12 -0400
Subject: access db help

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I have another access db question.  I am still confused by the milter-x 
tags vs the other access tags.

I have two servers:

The relay server   smtp.andy.edu
the mail server    mail-hub.andy.edu

my access files looks something like this:

mmilter-date-To:andy.edu      SKIP
milter-spamc-To:andy.edu      SKIP
milter-sender-To:andy.edu     SKIP
milter-null-To:               SKIP
To:andy.edu                   RELAY
172.16                        RELAY
192.168                       RELAY

There is a mailertable entry for mail-hub:

andy.edu	esmtp:[mail-hub.andy.edu]

I have a need to whitelist an ip that is being rejected by milter-sender 
and I am concerned I will end up allowing the ip to relay through smpt 
to the outside world.  I want to be able to send to andy.edu but 
  not to otherplaces.com.

So I need to do this?

milter-sender-From:  OK

I just want milter-sender to not be consulted for this IP but I still 
need the rest of the access db to do its thing so mail from this ip can 
go to mail-hub.andy.edu but not anywhere else.

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