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Article: 1574
From: Andy Druda
Date: 2007-04-28 19:42:18 -0400
Subject: milter-null not rejecting or my access tags are incorrect

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I have policy=reject in my milter-null.cf

I have a mail server we call mail-hub where user mail is collected and 
accessed by users via imap.  I have a mail relay called smtp which uses 
a mailertable entry to send all mail for andy.edu to mail-hub.andy.edu. 
  The relay serves no other domains.  here is one set of access tags I 
milter-null-To:      SKIP
milter-null-From:    SKIP

I also tried:
milter-null-connect:*  SKIP

milter-null-connect:   SKIP

I thought at least one of the above would reject anything without a null 
tag even from my own server but nothing ever gets rejected.

With the first example above I can telnet 25 from my workstation inside 
my andy.edu class C and send an email from a username and the mail gets 
a null tag added (and the mail is delivered) but if I send from <> no 
null tag is added and the mail is also delivered.  So far none of the 
above access tag setups has ever rejected anything on a production system.

my sendmail tags in access look like this:

To:andy.edu          RELAY
xx.xx.xx             RELAY  #andy.edu class C
172.16               RELAY
172.17               RELAY
172.31               RELAY
192.168              RELAY            RELAY

Any help or comments appreciated.


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