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Article: 1564
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-04-19 04:00:21 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-clamc timing out after 10 seconds

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Ben Spencer wrote:
> I did a little more looking into this. From the logs, I see the ">
> Ahhhh...."size=12367909" per the sendmail log line. 
> On a side note, I also noted "clamd-max-size" is in milter-clamc.c. can
> it be assumed that clamd-max-size can be specified in the .cf file also?
> (didn't see it mentioned in the documentation)

Many of my milters have undocumented options, because either they are 
experimental, late additions, or possibly-evil-bad-choices. The complete 
list of options is given by the usage summary:

	milter-NAME_HERE -help | more

clamd-max-size is one option I debated about. The clamd.conf has a size 
limit option also. I left it undocumented because I'm unsure what 
happens if clamd expects a full message and milter-clamc only sends the 
  N first bytes and then signals EOF; particularly interesting when 
dealing with archive file attachments. I've not had time to test those 
cases to be sure that clamd behaves as I expect when it sees the EOF 
(closing of client-to-server half of the socket).

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