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Article: 1554
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-04-17 10:33:29 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-clamc timing out after 10 seconds

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Ben Spencer wrote:
> Apr 17 08:53:18 mailgw milter-clamc[1043]: 11763 l3HDqrGl002840:
> filterEndMessage(aa1031d0)
> Apr 17 08:53:28 mailgw sendmail[2840]: l3HDqrGl002840: Milter
> (milter-clamc): timeout before data read
> Apr 17 08:53:28 mailgw sendmail[2840]: l3HDqrGl002840: Milter
> (milter-clamc): to error state
> The 10 second delay doesn't seem to relate to any configurable timeout:

> F=T;T=C:1m;S:5m;R:5m;E:5m'

> I would think the timeout would relate to the "C"?

The milter is at filterEndMessage() so the E: value applies. For C: to 
apply you would have to be at filterOpen(). Did you change the 
clamd-timeout or milter-timeout settings?

When posting logs, please be sure to give the whole log session

	grep -E '(clamc.+: 11763|l3HDqrGl002840)' /var/log/maillog

as this may provide more context as to what is going on. Are you running 
  with verbose=info,trace,dialog

Remember that clamd can take a long time to search the signatures.

The current recommended T= values in milter-clamc/0.5 are 
'C:20s;S:20s;R:20s;E:5m'. Still the E: is five minutes, so I have no 
idea where the 10 second timeout is from.

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