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Article: 1539
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2007-04-12 10:28:42 -0400
Subject: Re: milter-spamc

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On 04/11/07 18:12, Andy Druda wrote:
> It looks like milter-spamc can utilize users settings (I assume from 
> ~user/.spamassassin/.user_prefs?) but is there any way to get user 
> settings from a server other than the one the milter and spamc is 
> running on?  I would rather not mount the entire user directory to the 
> server with the milter on it.  Are the users prefs done in a different 
> way that wont require a home directory for each user?  I would not mind 
> a directory of all user preference files or a database or something like 
> that.

I believe you can configure milter-spamc to get user preferences from an 
SQL database.  However, when doing so milter-spamc passes just the local 
part of the recipient email address to spamc, not the entire recipient 
email address.  This is probably fine for most people.  However if you 
are wanting to run SpamAssassin on messages as they pass through your 
system, as in a spam filtering mail relay, you have more problems 
getting user settings b/c there is not the full email address.  I have 
started using spamass-milter for this reason.  Either milter-spamc or 
spamass-milter should work just fine for an individual receiving company.

If you are pulling user preferences from an SQL database, you could have 
multiple scanning nodes pull from a central repository with out a problem.

Is this what you are wanting?

Grant. . . .

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