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Article: 1534
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2007-04-10 10:50:07 -0400
Subject: Request for opinion(s) - Proposed custom SpamAssassin rules...

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(I know that this is not a SpamAssassin mailing list, but a lot of 
people on here run SA and I'd like some opinions if you have a moment.)

I am freaking *TIRED* of Pump-'n-Dump spam.  So, I'm considering some 
new rules for SA to help thwart them.  Namely, I'd like to find a list 
of all registered abbreviations for companies and then search for any 
occurrence of said abbreviations and add a small amount to the SA score 
per abbreviation that is found.  I may even consider doing the addition 
in a logarithmic pattern.

	Test_Score = Test_Match_Weight = log (Number_of_Matches)

The idea being to increase the score higher for the number of matches.

Thought's opinions?

Grant. . . .

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