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Article: 1532
From: Mathias Koerber
Date: 2007-04-06 11:20:59 -0400
Subject: whitelist IP netblock/from-domain combination

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A company which until recently ran their own outgoing mailserver
has contracted to have all email scanned for viruses at a commercial
This means that outgoing mail from them now appears from any one of
their many SMTP servers after being processed. This also means that
mail coming from those server may be from other originators also,
so that I cannot simply whitelist the whole netblock the outgoing
servers sit on.

is there a way to say
  whitelist all mail purporting to come from domain A and from any of
  these IP addresses, but
  process normally all other mails coming from those sites and
  process normally all other mails coming from domain A but from
different IP addresses?

I know that there is a chance that another customer of this service
can forge domain A's addresses, but I gather that chance is rather


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