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Article: 1519
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2007-03-31 15:34:58 -0400
Subject: Re: Does such a milter exist...

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Anthony Howe wrote:
> You could test this with milter-cli and a script. You could also try 
> forcing sendmail into one message one recipient mode by specifying the 
> max. number of recipients of 1. It should force the sending mailer to 
> split out envelopes or take a long time to deliver a message destined to 
> many people at the same site.

I may consider Milter-CLI.  However I really do not like the idea of 
only limiting all messages to one recipient per message.

> As someone else already said. Sounds a lot like grey-listing.

No.  Let me try to figure out how to explain that this is not at all 
like grey listing.

Grey listing is a function of temporarily failing senders, possibly in 
conjunction with recipient(s).

What I am wanting is to temporarily fail recipients based on the 
criteria of what OTHER recipients have been specified for a given 
envelope.  Let's say that there is a group of protected email addresses 
that includes postmaster@, abuse@, root@, etc.  Members of this group 
will only (successfully) receive emails if the envelope recipients for 
given messages are members of this group.  If an envelope recipient is 
not a member of this group, the recipient temp failed thus causing the 
sending server to retry said recipient at another time.  Or if an 
envelope recipient that is not a member of this group is specified first 
and then an envelope recipient that is a member of this group is 
specified the envelope recipient is temporarily failed.

The main difference between what I am proposing and grey listing is that 
grey listing is based on memory of previous envelopes and what I am 
proposing is based on envelope recipients of the current envelope. 
Granted grey listing and what I am proposing both temp fail some 
recipients, but the way they decide to do it or not is completely 
different based on a completely different set of criteria.

Grant. . . .

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