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Article: 1516
From: Dennis Willson
Date: 2007-03-30 14:31:51 -0400
Subject: Re: Does such a milter exist...

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Why not just greylist? That's what it does.

On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 09:34:14 -0500
  Grant Taylor <gtaylor@riverviewtech.net> wrote:
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>Does such a milter exist that can be configured to return a 4xy 
>to a specific class of recipients (i.e. abuse@, root@, postmaster@,
>administrator@, hostmaster@, etc) if there are any recipients not in
>that class?  Or if the vice versa is true, i.e. recipients not in 
>class when recipients in that class are requested?
>I'm wanting to do such to try to cut down on all the postmaster@
>recipients included in the dictionary attack style userA@ / userB@ /
>userC@ / etc.
>The filters that I'm running allow me to set per recipient values for
>tests (SA, etc.) that fall back to default if there are multiple
>recipients listed.
>I'm hoping that by returning an 4xy series error sending servers will 
>directed to resend to said recipients on a subsequent queue cycle.
>What are people's thoughts / opinions on the possibility / viability 
>doing such?
>Grant. . . .

Dennis Willson


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