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Article: 1512
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-03-19 13:18:44 -0400
Subject: Re: failed to open "/etc/mail/access.db" {Scanned by

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Paul Houselander wrote:
> file /etc/mail/access.db reports Berkeley DB (Hash, version 8, native =
> byte-order)
> Ive managed to get milter-null running on another of my mail gateways, =
> this time it went fairly straight forward. The file command reports the =
> same for the access.db file.
> Im using CentOS and the Berkeley DB libraries from the standard centos =
> install, rpm -qa | grep db returns
> db4-devel-4.2.52-7.1
> db4-utils-4.2.52-7.1
> db4-4.2.52-7.1
> plus this is a fresh install with very little other software currently =
> configured or installed.=20
> The mail gateway I got this working on is CentOS 4.3 compared to 4.4 =
> which is not working, however the db4 packages and sendmail packages are =
> exactly the same versions.
> I dont think its a permissions problem as ive tried with 666 permisions =
> on the access.db file and still get the error, is there a way of telling =
> what version of the BDB library libsnert/milter is expecting?

	ldd milter-null

When you did the libsnert configure, it would have stated which one it 
found in the summary. Likewise looking at the ./configure summary for 
milter-null would have reported the CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, and LIBS it would 
refer to and that would probably give an indication of which BDB would 
be used.

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