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Article: 1490
From: Richard McLean
Date: 2007-03-09 18:26:53 -0500
Subject: Re: Feedback desired about black / white listing

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Hi All,

>I suppose the real question concerning my milters is what is the most=20
>common default _expectation_ of how RELAY should be applied w.r.t. milter=
>     white list and pass through (current & technically literal design)
>     filter before relay

I'd certainly vote for filter before relay, at least for the milters it
makes sense for. milter-spamc, milter-link and milter-clamc for
example would be definite filter before relay candidates here,
milter-null and the mail format policies, 7bit for example, not
so much.

>Yes, but at the sake of more access.db lookups which could be a
>performance issues on high volume sites. Does the feature warrant
>the extra overhead?

Is it something that could be compiled in or turned on/off? That way
only those that need it have the extra overhead.



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