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Article: 1480
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-03-06 14:14:22 -0500
Subject: Re: Milter-null not working?

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Henry Kwan wrote:
> Yes, "policy=reject" is in /etc/mail/milter-null.cf and when I do a
> "milter-null -help", it confirms that it's read the config file.
> But I'm still getting "Delivery Notification: Delivery has failed"
> messages.  Are there any common troubleshooting steps that I can take?

Do you use one mail server or many, ie. do you have separate inbound and 
outbound mail servers? If you do, then they all must use milter-null and 
all have the same secret.

Turn on verbose=info,trace,db,debug then manually simulate a DSN message:

telnet mail-host-ip-here 25	(do NOT use
HELO hostname.here
RCPT TO:<you@your.domain>
Subject: without X-Null-Tag:

Hello world!
Free Hugs for all.

Your message should be rejected after the end-of-message dot. If it is 
not then something is wrong.

1. Check your sendmail.mc file for the INPUT_FILTER macro for milter-null;
2. did you rebuild sendmail.cf;
3. did you HUP sendmail with the new sendmail.cf?
4. Are you getting any maillog messages about problems with access.db?
5. Does your access.db have white list entries for the hosts that are 
sending the DSN messages?

BTW when you test this be sure that /etc/syslog.conf accepts debug level 
messages for mail. If you change this file remember to HUP syslogd after.

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