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Article: 1464
From: Paul Houselander
Date: 2007-02-28 12:22:47 -0500
Subject: milter-null basics

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Im looking at using milter-null to help with some backscatter probs im

Im using

CentOS 4.3
Sendmail 8.13
milter-null 0.3
libsnert 1.63

Im having problems getting my head around how to selectivly implement
milter-null only for certain domains.

I look after incoming email for approx 100 domains but only outgoing email
for around 30 of them. I only want to implement milter-null for these 30
domains -

a) Is there a way to only add the X-Null-Tag to certain outgoing email based
on from domain or IP?

b) I only want to check the X-Null-Tag for incomming DSN and MDN's for these
30 domains.

Im certain b is achievable using the access.db but cant quite figure out

Currently my access file is mainly made up of	RELAY

as the majority of my users have static IP's for outbound email (or use SMTP

Can I add

milter-null-To:examplea.com OK
milter-null-To:exampleb.com OK
milter-null-To:	SKIP

Would this cause milter-null to only check DSN and MDN's destined for
examplea.com and exampleb.com and not check all others?



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