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Article: 1463
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-02-28 11:12:20 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-limit client-ip question

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Denis Beauchemin wrote:
> I implemented milter-limit a couple of days ago and I think it is not
> working as I would like.  I have many networks used by wireless clients I=
> don't trust much and would like to limit each client to 10 messages/hour.=
> I tried something like (we own the whole 132.210 network):
> milter-limit-Connect:132.210.196   10/1h
> but the messages I get in my maillog seems to indicate that the limit is
> for the entire 132.210.196 network, not individual clients on that
> network (such as
> Is there a way to do so without having to list all IPs in the network?


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