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Article: 1454
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-02-28 08:02:15 -0500
Subject: Re: Official milter updates released...

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Anthony Howe wrote:
> The long overdue updates to libsnert and all the Snert milters has 
> finally been released. These updates are highly recommended as they 
> address soon memory related stability issues, fix the build/runtime 
> issues for Sendmail 8.14 libmilter, and many other fixes too numerous to 
> list. milter-limit and milter-p0f will now work with Postfix.

I should have mentioned that libsnert has grown, in that it now include 
SQLite3 for some soon to be released changes. For the majority of the 
milters, you won't need SQLite3 so you should build without it:

	cd com/snert/src/lib
	./configure --without-sqlite3
	make clean build
	cd ../milter-NAME
	make clean build
	sudo make install

If you include the SQLite3 support, then you can actually specify that 
access-db be an SQLite3 database. Note though that sendmail does not 
support SQLite, so if you go this route you'll have to maintain one 
historical .db file for sendmail and one .sq3 file for the milters. It 
all depends on your setup.

Another major enhancement that appears in this release is socket-map 
support for access-db. LibSnert provides some tools kvmap, kvmd, and 
kvmc (see com/snert/src/lib/type) that allows you to convert between 
formats and test/run client/server socket-map support.

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