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Article: 1452
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-02-28 04:29:21 -0500
Subject: Feedback desired about black / white listing support.

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After today's updates, I'm going to revisit the black/white listing
support used by my milters with an aim to streamline it.

Things I'll be looking at:

a) Reduce number of lookups: consider dropping support for sendmail
untagged entries, which have been deprecated by sendmail for a long
time, but haven't yet disappeared.

b) Revisit support for sendmail's Connect:, From:, To:, and Spam: tags
which are currently used for global B/W behaviour in my milters.

c) Related to b) revisit what RHS values are supported? Should RELAY
white list or be ignored?

d) Revisit pattern-lists. Are they used at all or only rarely? If so
which ones? CIDR patterns appear to be most useful, should I keep only
this one and chuck the rest?

e) Consider new tags to provide delay-check like behaviour with combo
lookups, ie. Connect:From:, Connect:Auth:, Connect:To:, From:To: I have
a very long brain storm mail about this from a private discussion to 
post later about this.

I'm interested in feedback about the above or other suggestions. What 
people like and don't like or suggestions as new ideas.

Remember that I chose to use the access file in order to centralise all
B/W list handling in one place rather, than in many different files that
can come from using many different filtering tools that each have their
own B/W method. So I'm not too inclined to discuss the merits of using
the access file, just what is in it.

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