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Article: 1433
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2007-02-08 11:21:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Per user settings

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Derek J. Balling wrote:
> *TODAY* it is, because (again, thankfully) there aren't that many 
> misguided sysadmins implementing it.
> *TOMORROW*, if it should ever become prevalent, those spammers are going 
> to start using real addresses. And then all your verifications will 
> happily succeed, eliminating its usefulness as a check, but causing 
> great pains to the owners of the addresses used in the envelope senders.

Sender verification is not only a way to stop spam, however presently it 
does have a side effect of doing that some of the time.  Sender 
verification is more useful in verifying that there is a place 
successfully to send a bounce so that it will not sit in the outbound 
mail queue.

> Yes, I will, because I recognize that the long-term ramifications of 
> what you're describing are a *worse* place to be than where we are now, 
> not a better one.

That is your opinion, which you are allowed to have.  It is also one 
which I happen to disagree with.

> Credentials: I used to work for a large webmail provider who you 
> mentioned doesn't presently use SPF records, so I tend to think about 
> "how things scale" to a much larger extent than most subscribers to this 
> list may be used to dealing with.

You must have worked for the provider that does things that are in my 
opinion backwards and counter productive with the way the rest of the 
world (as far as I know) tries to manage spam and mailing lists in 
addition to other things.  Forgive me if I don't put as much stock in 
your credibility other than possibly logical discussions.  The one thing 
that you might have from the company I believe you worked for is the 
fact that you have experience dealing with things on a much larger level 
in such a way that they will function with out putting too much load on 
the systems.  However it is questionable if you were indeed doing as 
much as you should have been to thwart spam or not.  It is also 
questionable if said company had a policy change to be to accept and tag 
spam rather than rejecting it to avoid possible legal ramifications, 
which I construe as counter productive to end users but good for business.

Credentials:  I'm an email administrator, how big how small does not matter.

Grant. . . .

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