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Article: 1415
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-02-06 11:23:40 -0500
Subject: Re: FreeBSD, db1.85 and milter-bcc

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Mike Horwath wrote:
>> 1. I dropped support for Berkeley DB 1.85 about three years ago. Use of 
>> it is NOT recommended, particularly for caching purposes.
> Are you sure about that?

Damn sure. From milter-sender 0.36 change logs, back when I only had two 
milters to maintain:

    +	Added support for FreeBSD that stupidly still includes Berkeley
	DB 1.85 in libc and is used by system & sendmail databases and
	any other applications that need to talk with system databases.
	I'm providing this initial back port to DB 1.85 as a courtesy. I
	will provide little or no support in any fashion for milter-
	sender with DB 1.85, becasue there are newer and better versions
	of the Berkeley DB library, Sleepycat Software no longer
	supports DB 1.85, and it is known to cause failures in Sendmail.
	See http://www.sleepycat.com/docs/ref/sendmail/intro.html

Ever since then its been my policy NOT to provide tech. support for BDB 
1.85 after all the headaches its caused. It's just not worth my time. I 
occasionally test to make sure it compiles with BDB 1.85 on my OpenBSD 
server. Typically for just processing the access.db in read-only mode 
it's fine, but I've given up using it for caching in a multi-threaded 
multi-process environment.

I have a new cache model that has been developed using SQLite3 compiled 
with --enable-threadsafe and it will replace the existing cache in those 
milters that warrant it.

> % file milter-link-access.db 
> milter-link-access.db: Berkeley DB 1.85 (Hash, version 2, native byte-order)
> FreeBSD 6.2-x system, no special BDB loaded, Postfix.
> No issues.
> I really hope I won't be forced to load up other BDB libraries on my
> vanilla systems.  Then again, I am not using any caching systems or
> items beyond milter-link and milter-date with Postfix.

Then in theory, it should work fine for access.db (most of the time). 
makemap updates while the milter runs might cause problems.

>> The next release of libsnert, changes a lot of this. With it comes a
>> kvm (format conversion), kvmd (daemon), and kvmc (client) tools,
>> intended for testing, but functional. When the next round of updates
>> will be released I can't say. They're well past due and I'm being
>> trying to get them all tested and ready.
> kvm?  keyboard-video-mouse included with every download of libsnert? :)

Key-Value-Map API appears in libsnert/1.63. It supports two forms of 
flat text file, Berkeley DB, SQLite3, socket map, and hash table.

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