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Article: 1403
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2007-01-22 09:08:56 -0500
Subject: Re: Enabling milter-gris for only a single domain?

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Mike Horwath wrote:
>> 2) It's actually in FreeBSD's ports (Snert's stuff isn't).
> THe Snert stuff is not necessarily 'free' ;)

Correct. Added to the fact I told them to remove the port prior to going 
commercial and implementing logged download accounts.

>> 3) There's no complicated builds (I've found building Snert milters
>> to be a pain because of berkeleyDB version conflicts which have
>> forced me to have to recompile my stock sendmail).

The Berkeley DB based cache has been replaced. The access-db though will 
be an issue unless you set up a separate one using a different format.

The *BSD have a really annoying history of using an old version of BDB 
that even Keith Bostic has tried on many occasions to get them to switch 
to something newer with special licensing terms for the projects. Now 
that Sleepcat has been sold to Oracle, any chance of that happening are 
certainly nil. Maybe they might consider SQLite instead.

> Well, so far, the Snert milters I am using work great under Postfix,
> perhaps it is time to move on from sendmail...

milter-gris should work with Postfix 2.3, if it doesn't then I would 
like to know so I can get it fixed.

>> 4) As above, it allows one to only greylist a few domains (I'm doing
>> three out of several hundred.  It can also tailor that based on a
>> regex.
> sqlgrey has a full opt-in/opt-out mechinism in place.  No hackery
> needed.
> And as a super special bonus, you can use one MySQL/PostgreSQL
> database to share amonst your cluster (if you have one).

You can achieve the same with sendmail socket-map front end to your 
database (Postfix has a similar). The next release of the milters will 
have socket-map support too.

>> I may speak to the author about adding a link against BDB, although
>> the FAQ says he might be considering SQLITE.
> Ick, but just my opinion as my needs are vastly different.

SQLite support has already gone in for the next release. SQLite is 
public domain, which also resolves grey-area license issues concerning 
  BDB. It has proven to be both fast and flexible and certainly a big 
win in the new cache code.

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