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Article: 1400
From: Mike Horwath
Date: 2007-01-18 13:25:08 -0500
Subject: Re: Enabling milter-gris for only a single domain?

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On Fri, Jan 19, 2007 at 12:32:26AM +1100, Richard McLean wrote:
> We have considered doing the same, but on the trial servers we
> enabled greylisting on for all we were finding too many servers that
> didn't play well with it (because they function poorly, not because
> there's anything wrong with greylisting itself) that we had to
> abandon doing it that way. Anthony, if it helps to know, I'm allow
> very interested in being able to implement milter-gris in the same
> way as Dan.

What servers don't play nicely?

I have been a great big greylisting supporter for years and the # of
IPs I have had to whitelist through the greylisting processes is less
than 1 hand of fingers.

Sure, you might find a random old Groupwise or NastNASTY Exchange 5
(not 5.5) system that doens't handle 4xx errors correctly, but that is
*not* your fault.

Greylisting works so well after all of this time that I am amazed that
anyone would have a problem.


I only use 10 second greylisting timeouts for reconnection.

I am a Postfix user and use sqlgrey, and this might be a big
difference in how things are operating as well.  (and sqlgrey is damn
smart on what it is trying to accomplish)

Mike Horwath, reachable via drechsau@Geeks.ORG

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