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Article: 1398
From: Ben Spencer
Date: 2007-01-18 06:31:43 -0500
Subject: Re: Enabling milter-gris for only a single domain?

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We were faced with the issue of delaying email also. While we have a
controlled environment (only one mail domain and all email addresses
relate to people who work or go to school here), we have some very vocal
groups (for instance, we also own radio stations which tend to have a
certain concept of themselves). We had thought of just implementing it
and seeing if anyone noticed. Of our 7000+ email users, we expected
really to only hear from a few. However, it was decided to be
pre-emptive and actually inform the major group (I think students were
never notified as they tend to be more accepting and their email tends
not to impact business). We provided a feed back mechanism for them.
While it was stated in that communication that we could exclude people
from the greylist, we would like to have everyone try it first to see
how it works out for them. As a result, we ended up with <10 addresses
which needed greylisted (because they had a business case).

Honestly, people will more likely be happy to stop getting so much junk
then worry about the delay which they notice (if they notice) here and
there. We did make a few parameter adjustments which do impact the
overall functionality of grey listing (block-time=240;
cache-temp-fail-ttl=864000) to deal with the once a week emails getting
blocked (once a month is a little concern, but, we haven't had
complaints and I really don't want to go that high) as well as mail
servers which think they should try to delivery a message every five
minutes (We have seen a couple try to do it every minute and then give
up after 2-3 attempts...ggrrrrr).

When we did introduce this concept to the user population, we were also
facing space issues (the user mail boxes were simply getting too big) as
well as capacity issues (the spam filter was starting to get over loaded
and delay mail). Maybe that helped sell it to people. Overall, we had
almost all praises. The few which are not praises are relating to
receiving so much spam now. We have attributed this to that fact that
people actually look at their spam boxes now since the numbers in there
are reasonable (in the 10's per day and not 100's).

Of course, your situation and users may be totally different. I just
wanted to provide you a little insight into what we experienced.

Benji Spencer
System Administrator
Ph: 312-329-2288

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> On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Anthony Howe wrote:
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> > Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> >> Subject line really says it all.  I host many hundreds of domains,
> I'd
> >> like the default to be "don't greylist" but to use it for a few
> >> that are getting hammered and could use the extra mitigation.
> >
> > milter-gris is system wide filter and access-db allows you exclude
> > (whitelist) some domains through the filter.
> >
> > The inverse situation as you describe is not easily possible in the
> > current version. The only way would be to white list all your
> > _except_ those you want to grey-list. This is can be a maintenance
> hassle.
> I was afraid of that.
> Sadly, most users don't get grey/gray listing, and if you have it in
> they tell you your server is "slow" (this has been my experience).
> Anyway, many thanks for the quick answer Anthony.
> -Dan
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