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Article: 1390
From: Derek J. Balling
Date: 2007-01-09 06:21:50 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-* access.db "Sender rejected" errors

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On Jan 9, 2007, at 3:26 AM, Anthony Howe wrote:
> The milters are not meddling. This was by design and has been this way
> for about 4 years now. Most of the pre-DATA milters like milter- 
> sender,
> act on REJECT or ERROR etc. Other post-DATA content based milters do
> not, only using the whitelust aspect the entries.
>> [2] How can I disable this behavior, so that I can let sendmail do
>> what I tell it to do, and so the milters can do what they I expect
>> them to be doing, and not other random things?
> It's not random. It's documented. To prevent a milter from reading the
> sendmail access entries use:
> milter-NAME-connect: 	SKIP
> milter-NAME-from: 	SKIP
> milter-NAME-to: 	SKIP
> This stops looks into the sendmail tags as documented in the man  
> pages.

But I don't want it to *ignore* the access entries entirely. For  
example, if I were to do

	milter-NAME-from: SKIP

then it would completely ignore entries like:

	amazon.com		OK

disabling my ability to whitelist certain senders, etc.

I guess I'd care a lot less about its overriding sendmail's handling  
of those lines if it handled the error codes in the config file the  
way they're supposed to be done. In other words, if I can't convince  
you to stop doing that, can you at least do it "right"? :-)


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