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Article: 1371
From: Dennis Willson
Date: 2006-12-13 15:10:55 -0500
Subject: Is there a way?

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I have written my first Milter and it appears to be working pretty 

I have a question... Is there a way to respond to a milter entry point 
that indicates to Sendmail to continue to sent the rest of the 
information to this Milter, but stop sending to any other Milters that 
might be installed?

The reason I ask is;
My Milter is a honeypot/Spamtrap. So when a connection is made it 
looks up to see of that host is blacklisted in its blacklist, if so it 
rejects. If not it waits to see if the rcpt to is to one of the 
honeypot addresses or domains. If so, it optionally records the 
headers and part of the body (up to the first 2048 bytes) into either 
a text file or an SQL database or both. When in the rcpt to phase if 
it's one of the honeypot addresses I want to continue to receive the 
headers and body, but I don't want any other Milters to do anything. 
My system runs smf=-sav and Milter-greylist and they should ignore 
anything the spamtrap has decided to record. 

Right now I have to keep seperate whitelists for each Milter as I add 
honeypot addresses which is a pain. I would think there should be a 
way for a Milter to clain an email and all other Milters are now 
"hands off" without stopping the SMTP process for the Milter claiming 
the email.

Thanks for any answers...

Dennis Willson


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