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Article: 1357
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2006-12-07 02:57:51 -0500
Subject: Re: Line lengths & milter-link

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Ken A wrote in response to posting from Quentin Campbell: 

>Anything in your maillog about 'access.db' ?
>I had something similar happen a while back and since have put 
>milter-link in with a few other things that restart every 
>couple hours.
>I am not sure what caused it here, but have had no problems since. See 
>subject: "milter-link issue" in the mailing list archive.
>Ken A.


Thanks for the response. I followed your exchanges with Anthony Howe at
the time and ensured that access.db was rebuilt in place as AH
suggested. That fixed the "permissions" and related problems I had then.

However the intermittent problem with whitelisting persisted after that.
If it is related to a memory problem, for example, I am unlikely to
catch it with the necessary level of 'debugging' in operation as I
cannot have that level of debugging running all the time. To enable it I
must restart milter-link at the time I know this particular group of
messages are about to be passed. That very action may well 'fix' the
problem for awhile!

In the new year I may be able to arrange to leave
'verbose=info,trace,db' enabled on one of our busy mail gateways (on
which milter-link does _not_ get restarted) and route the problematic
mail through that gateway only.

[Why can't I just switch a high level of debugging on and leave it? The
answer is because we run a highly resilient service with 8 identical MX
hosts handling traffic for our domains. They account for about 1,000,000
messages/day. I cannot (easily) control which gateway mail gets routed
through. Each gateway logs both to its own filesystem _and_ to a remote
log server. It is the latter that is the problem when large volumes of
debugging info is generated by the gateways - the remote log file can
grow to tens of gigabytes in size each 24 hour period.]      


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