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Article: 1332
From: Thom Paine
Date: 2006-12-03 21:08:48 -0500
Subject: Which milter does this?

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I tried emailing a person at a company that I had never contacted
before and the first email to her required me to reply to an email her
mail server sent for verification that I was a live user.

I'd like to implement a milter like that on my server, but I'm unsure
of what it is called. I tried googleing for a few and I didn't seem to
get any good hits.

I was thinking that this might be the best milter to combat spam.

Since I'm new to milters, can anyone offer suggestions on what a good one is?

I have mailscanner and spamassassin installed on my mail server, but I
still get about 50 spam messages a day.



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