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Article: 1316
From: Taylor, Grant
Date: 2006-11-30 11:53:48 -0500
Subject: Re: [SPAM] Re: [SPAM] White list this list...

Removal...........: milters-request@milter.info?subject=remove
More information..: http://www.milter.info/#Support

Anthony Howe wrote:
> You want to white list the SMTP envelope address in Sendmail:
> 	From:milters-bounce@milter.info		OK
> or
> 	From:milter.info			OK
> In SpamAssassin you'll probably also want:
> 	whitelist_from milters-bounce@milter.info
> or
> 	whitelist_from *@milter.info

One other quick note:

If other cleanup work has been done on messages such that the message that 
comes in to to mailing list subscribers mail box is cleaner and much less 
likely to trip spam filters, there is much less need for white listing to be 

Grant. . . .

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