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Article: 1310
From: Michael Elliott
Date: 2006-11-30 04:53:08 -0500
Subject: Re: milter-gris still blacklisting the same tripel for > 2 days

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> > But, you have a second problem.  Your milter-gris process keeps changing
> > process ids, so it is continuously crashing and restarting.  Notice the 
> > milter-gris[8554]: 00028, it is really milter-gris[process_id]: message_number
> > and you are not going over 100 before you move on to a new process id.
> I am actually restarting it by cron every 30 minutes because it started to
> hang.
> I think the real issue is that it seems to be creating the cache-file,
> but never writes to it..
> Caching seems to work fine, but it loses the cached info when it stops/restarts.

Ok.  Next suggestion would be to cd to the directory that the database is stored
in and try:

sudo chgrp milter . 
sudo chmod 775 .
and see if it is a file access permission problem.  The program may be starting 
as root, creating its database, changing its permissions, and then dropping 
owner from root to milter.  At that point, it may have a problem on file 
permissions.  Just a stab in the dark here.  If you are sharing the directory 
with other critical daemons, you may want to move the database to its own 
directory owned by milter:milter instead.

Milter-gris doesn't close down its database very well when the program is 
restarted, and it can corrupt its database easily when you are shutting down 
that often.  For some reason, the database consistancy checks are off by 
default in the latest version, so corrupt databases are not reset on startup.
I don't know Anthony's reason why it is off.

-Mike Elliott

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