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Article: 1298
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-11-29 08:51:39 -0500
Subject: Re: two cache-type options?

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Mathias Koerber wrote:
>>> two cache-type options?
>> This is a know mistake.
> Not to sound negative, but many problems reported are
> responded to with 'it's known'. I just point to the
> bad md5 signatures on the site and many website documentation
> issues (wrong access-file semantics etc)
> IMHO it would be good if issues that become known were
> quickly updated in a 'known issues' list, so that users don't
> have to fall over them again and again and multiple reports
> be avoided.
> And the md5 issue should imho be fixed, so that users can
> have a level of trust in the downloaded archives.

I have a growing list of changes to libsnert and the other milters. I 
had intended to release those in Auguest, then delayed till November, 
and now December. Every time I think I'm about ready to start the 
release cycle, something new (as in a new bug or change request) comes 
along that makes me hold off. In other words, I held off fixing 
something like the MD5 signatures, because I keep thinking I'll be 
releasing any time now, so why do it twice?

Trying to keep 21 of them up to date, plus test and publish milter-bw, 
plus support issues and questions, plus publish my latest anti-spam 
product (which has been my primary focus these past 4 months) has proven 
to be very time consuming juggling act.

> May I know why a broadcast solution was selected? It prevents
> the sharing of cache entries across remote MX servers that serve
> the same domain, which would make it really useful..

Scalability essentially and ease of configuration. Its also less 
resource intensive and easier to manage than trying to maintain an NxN 
set of connections. So currently, setting up a VPN that proxies 
multicast packets between remote machines/network is the suggested solution.

I might implement an extension that can broadcast UDP packets to 
specific hosts outside the current network segment, which would solve 
the remote/different networks issue.

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