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Article: 1284
From: Mathias Koerber
Date: 2006-11-24 00:57:35 -0500
Subject: ms5dum problems with milter packages..

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Each of the milters on www.snertsoft.com has on its page
the Download section, also listing the md5sums for the\packages.

On at least milter-gris and milter-report, the md5sum for libsnert
links to the md5sum for the milter instead of the libsnert package file.

The md5sum for libsnert is available on the download page after the

However the ms5sums listed do not tally with the packages
that are downloaded:

Freshly downloaded files:

# md5sum libs* *mil*
854358528c48e7acf406349142b48608  libsnert-1.62.tar.gz
b69478d14cb0d65e4edef161e44565f3  milter-gris-0.19.tar.gz
4b82c43a70ecb8e7706f42ee24443862  milter-report-0.10.tar.gz

compared to what the webpage says:

   MD5 (libsnert-1.62.tar.gz) = d3a9a0b812520ce6e5acc508d563cafc

   MD5 (milter-gris-0.19.tar.gz) = eb7a84f16f6b26b7327b8c25bfb39a0a

   MD5 (milter-report-0.10.tar.gz) = 1febb270d53105acbf5250e0a7cd42be

Anthony, can you verify the md5sums listed on the webpage are
correct, or if necessary correct them?


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