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Article: 1280
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2006-11-23 03:44:47 -0500
Subject: Milter-link & size of VM

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I have been watching milter-link using 'top' on a number of our mail
gateways and was struck by its behaviour:

1. On a single machine its VM requirement can apparently jump or fall by
50+ MBs during a 3 second interval,

2. but its resident size (working set?) is very small and

3. its average VM size varies enormously between gateways, 300+ MB on
one gateway and 600+ MB on another and growing. I am running
milter-link/0.3.16 on all the gateways.

I am curious about its architecture and use of memory for its work.

I have been watching milter-link's behaviour because of an apparently
intermittent problem with whitelisting on the seven mail gateways that
we run. I am relying on the whitelisting by milter-link of mail from
machines on our networks (1 x class B and 1 x class A) but the
whitelisting seems to fail sometimes. 

I have not been able to recreate the problem yet using small test
messages containing the offending URLs. Nor have I been able yet to
catch this in production with "verbose=info,trace,db" as I have to be
selective about the period during which I run with this level of
debugging otherwise our very large Sendmail log files become even more

I use in the access file on each gateway:

Connect:               RELAY
Connect:10                      RELAY
Connect:127                     RELAY
Connect:128.240                 RELAY
milter-link-Connect:10          OK
milter-link-Connect:128.240     OK

to affect whitelisting for mail from local hosts on our 128.240.*.* and
the 10.*.*.* networks. It normally works as expected. Those milter-link
entries cannot be "trumped" by other lookups as these have the highest
precedence in lookup order.

In relation to this, having whitelisted a message by virtue of a
'milter-link-Connect:...' entry that returned 'value="OK"' why does
milter-link then proceed to do 'milter-link-To:' lookups for recipient
addresses for the _same_ message, often with the result "default action

I would have thought that once a message is whitelisted by a
'milter-link-Connect:client-IP' entry there is no point in doing any
lower precedence 'milter-link-*' lookups.


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