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Article: 1269
From: Jon Freeland
Date: 2006-11-17 08:42:41 -0500
Subject: milter-abook tags all messages as [UNKNOWN]

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I'm trying to figure out if I can't read or if I'm retarded or if there is just 
a simple explanation for all of my problems with milter-abook.

The way I read the tag line for it is any messages coming in from people I have 
never sent email to _should_ get tagged as [UNKNOWN]. However, if I send an 
email to joe@bob.com, then that address should get added to the cache, and if 
joe@bob.com sends me any emails, they should pass through with no tagging.

My mail server and the server running the filter are on two separate machines. 
I see the entries in the cache, but for some reason, all emails get tagged as 
[UNKNOWN]. What silly thing have I done here?



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