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Article: 1258
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-11-14 13:57:02 -0500
Subject: Re: Question about user passed by milter-spamc to spamd...

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Taylor, Grant wrote:
> Hum.  Have you ever tried passing the full recipient email address?  Are you

No. Never tried.

> doing any virtusertable translation from user@domain.tld <-> bobsunixaccount
> or just passing the local part of the email address?

No virtusertable lookup. Just the local-part from the supplied RCPT TO:. 
Hmm. It might be interesting to try local part of {rcpt_addr} macro, 
which might have been through virtusertable, though I'd have to check to 
be sure.

> I believe this corresponds to the SpamC "-u <username>" option.  I
know from
> my testing that I can pass any of the following in to SpamC each with
> different results.
> # unix shell user name user config
> cat msg.eml | spamc -u gtaylor
> # recipient email address user config
> cat msg.eml | spamc -u gtaylor@riverviewtech.net
> # default user config
> cat msg.eml | spamc -u @GLOBAL
> SpamC will accept any of the above parameters with out a problem.  For what

Well I learned something new today. Shame SpamAssassin has such poor 
protocol documentation.  This would be the sort of thing to include in 
the document.

> So, I guess this is turning in to a feature request for milter-spamc to have
> a new option that will pass the recipient email address as the user name to
> SpamC verses just the local part of the email address.  Thoughts / opinions
> are welcomed and appreciated.

That would be easy enough to add if you don't use a mixed model. Its 
becomes problematic though if you need to support both local and virtual 
  users - how to tell which is which, as virtusertable might not be used 
in all cases.

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