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Article: 1256
From: Anthony Howe
Date: 2006-11-14 13:05:42 -0500
Subject: Re: Question about user passed by milter-spamc to spamd...

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Taylor, Grant wrote:
>> With the appropriate option, -no-user-config,  milter-spamc will send 
>> the local-part of before the at-sign to spamd in the case of a single 
>> recipient, otherwise use the spamd-user in the case of multiple recipients.
> If I understand you correctly the "-no-user-config" option will only send 
> the local / user part of an address to spamd (presuming that there is only 
> one recipient).  So what happens in the following cases?
> from <> to gtaylor@riverviewtech.net
> vs.
> from <> to gtaylor@clientsdomain.com
> As I understand you, you will only pass gtaylor to spamd for both messages. 
>   Correct?

Correct. The spamd protocol is a little vague (there should be a copy 
provided with milter-spamc to view). Below is a fragment that outlines 
the protocol from spamd 3.1.x:

The protocol for communication between spamc/spamd is somewhat HTTP 
like.  The conversation looks like:

                spamc --> PROCESS SPAMC/1.2
                spamc --> Content-length: <size>
   (optional)   spamc --> User: <username>
                spamc --> \r\n [blank line]
                spamc --> --message sent here--

                spamd --> SPAMD/1.1 0 EX_OK
                spamd --> Content-length: <size>
                spamd --> \r\n [blank line]
                spamd --> --processed message sent here--


spamd makes the User: header optional and more or less implies that it 
expects a username. There is no other reference to the User header or 
username argument in the the protocol document. Its been this way since 
spamd 2.5.

> Using the "default" user is an interesting and acceptable way to deal with 
> messages that are to multiple recipients.  This helps clarify why the 
> default user is in place, compared to what reading I have done elsewhere.

Yes. When you have multiple recipients each with very different personal 
SA configs, it becomes impossible to choose who's config to use, so you 
have to fall back on a generic default user / system profile.

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