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Article: 1252
From: Grant Taylor
Date: 2006-11-14 01:12:06 -0500
Subject: Question about user passed by milter-spamc to spamd...

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Milter-SpamC has been doing an EXCELLENT job.  Kudos to Anthony.  However I 
seem to have run in to a different type of problem.  I'm not sure if this 
problem is related to Milter-SpamC or SpamAssassin it's self, so I thought 
I'd see what the mailing list had to say.

Today I tried switching SpamAssassin to pull it's user configs from an SQL 
database.  I did managed to get it to work.  However I was surprised to find 
that SpamAssassin was looking for user names that were the unix shell 
account name and not the recipient email address.  Unfortunately this means 
that SQL based user prefs will not provide what I'm needing to filter email 
that is relayed through my server.

Does any one know if SpamAssassin is receiving the user name to search for 
from Milter-SpamC or if it is SpamAssassin its self that is doing the email 
address to unix shell account translation?

Grant. . . .

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