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Article: 1250
From: Richard McLean
Date: 2006-11-13 18:44:46 -0500
Subject: Re: Whitelisting domains for milter-link

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At 9:18 AM +0100 13/11/06, Anthony Howe wrote:
>milter-link-body:example.com		OK

Excellent, many thanks Anthony!

>  > I was also wondering about AUTH'ed traffic and milter-link. We have
>>  delay_checks turned on, and this seems to work with the other
>>  milters allowing AUTH'ed traffic through, but not with milter-link.
>>  Is there any way to specify that should make it through? Thanks!
>You could try the option:
>	+smtp-auth-ok
>In most of my milters it defaults to on, but in milter-link I felt it
>was more important to scan for suspicious links and so it defaults to
>off. Alternatively you can use in the access.db:
>	milter-link-auth:		OK

Great, that would explain it. So does that mean that it's not actually
delay_checks that letting them through, but the in-milter setting?
Or if delay_checks was off would that override the smtp-auth-ok
setting that's on by default in the other milters?



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