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Article: 1249
From: Quentin Campbell
Date: 2006-11-13 10:33:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Milter-link whitelisting per recipient

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Anthony Howe said:

>> Spam:Postmaster@northumbria.ac.uk       FRIEND
>> milter-link-To:Postmaster@northumbria.ac.uk     OK
>> # Added at request of Debbie 11/02/05
>> # Users want to receive mail from *.ja & *.kr domains
>> Spam:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk      FRIEND
>> milter-link-To:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk    OK
>Milter-link-to: would have found Spam:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk 
>  FRIEND and used that anyway, but the above line should work too.

I have tried to verify that the entry

  Spam:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk  FRIEND

by itself will work to whitelist a user for milter-link in place of 

  milter-link-To:tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk  OK
It doesn't and it hasn't since I installed milter-link 0.3.16. Personal
whitelisting by milter-link for (say) 'tim.johnson@northumbria.ac.uk'
does not work at this site unless the milter-link-To record is also
present in the access.db file.

I have not tried to get any debug info. I simply commented out the
milter-link-To: entry, leaving the "Spam:... FRIEND", and rebuilt
access.db in place. Almost immediately it became apparent in the
Sendmail logs that whitelisting by milter-link for the user had been


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