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Article: 1244
From: Richard McLean
Date: 2006-11-12 18:18:55 -0500
Subject: Whitelisting domains for milter-link

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Hi All,

We recently had a case where one of our major suppliers was in the
surbl.org blacklist for a short period, and all emails with their domain
name in them were being blocked. Is it possible to whitelist a domain
with milter-link not linked to a particular sender or recipient? That is,
even if the domain appears in the blacklist to let it through?

I was also wondering about AUTH'ed traffic and milter-link. We have
delay_checks turned on, and this seems to work with the other
milters allowing AUTH'ed traffic through, but not with milter-link.
Is there any way to specify that should make it through? Thanks!



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